Licensing: Support

Phone, e-mail and online conference support will be available for customers to answer questions. Any request for help will be answered within 24 hours. Questions can be associated not only with our IP cores and how to use them with various EDA tools, but also on collateral application specific concerns.  If issues emerge that are associated with EDA tools not supported by Centar, Centar will make a reasonable effort to acquire and study the software.  Centar understands that project success is achieved by a team effort and that a multiplicity of EDA tools are involved.

Support will last 90 days after the first call is received and is included in the cost of the product; however, it will expire if unused for six months.  An additional annual or other periodic contract support can also be purchased and would nominally start after the 90-day period has expired.

Additional release notes and documentation will be created as needed or as suggested by customers and will be sent to each customer with active support.

If problems occur that are not related to the IP core itself,  they will be handled on a case-by-case basis and might involve separate charges and possibly purchase of a separate support agreement.