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Centar is a full service resource for development of embedded signal processing circuit designs requiring use of a discreet “Fourier transform” (DFT), typically implemented as a “Fast Fourier Transform” (FFT). The DFT is arguably the most prominent of all signal processing algorithms, being used in a wide variety of applications spanning medical imaging, speech translation, ultrasound, GPS/navigation, surveillance, remote sensing, sonar, robotic inspection, communication, radar, and data compression. In many cases these applications involve large data sets or require “real-time” processing of information so that special high performance and efficient FFT circuits for computing this function are critical for system success.

Because of the variety of different product applications, the varying environments in which they are used, and each product’s unique size/power/weight/cost requirements, different FFT implementations to support each will often be required.  The result is that the design, implementation, insertion, and testing required to produce FFT circuits with the appropriate resource usage, speed, power dissipation, interfaces, dynamic range, precision, control and functionality can take many man-years of effort.  However, Centar is in a unique position to service these needs because Centar’s FFT technology is programmable. Therefore, different FFT designs can be developed by simply re-programming the same circuit, significantly lowering the licensing cost of a design to customers.   Another advantage of a programmable design is that it can be highly optimized so that it will simultaneously provide higher performance and more efficient FFT implementations than possible with more expensive custom designs.